• 01/08/1996 DOB
  • 23 Age
  • Active Edge Team
  • 68 kg Weight
  • 6 ft 0 inch / 183 cm Height
  • Sean Yates Coach

Rider profile

Jesse Yates born in 1996 grew up in Sussex surrounded by bikes. In 2014 the focus became road and competition.

Spurred on by rapid promotion to 3rd cat and a top ten in a junior national time trial he began seriously competing in 2015.

Quickly gaining 2nd cat and winning a number of regionals and gaining numerous top tens representing In Gear Quickvit cc and coached by TrainSharp Cycle Coaching.

Jesse then looked abroad for the next stage in his career visiting family friend Tony Mills in France. He raced the GP Lorient, La Pluvignoise, and Noyal-sur-Vilaine and was noticed by the local teams.

Gaining support from the Dave Rayner fund, Jesse chose to stay in Brittany, France to develop his racing career with the Hennebont Cyclisme.

“Living away from home allows me to concentrate on cycling 100%, the roads are better, and there are more races with less travel.”

In his first full season in France, 2016 was a year of learning. Cobbles, stage racing, positioning and avoiding crashes in tougher and tougher races. Unfortunately a few crashes ensued and injuries prevented finishing the season the way he hoped.

In 2017 Jesse continued to work with TrainSharp and Hennebont Cyclisme racing in France


A fresh start in 2018 as Jesse joins Team Wiggins


Outside of cycling its all about Arsenal FC and music

Jesse Yates

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For The Love Of It

A year on and I was heading back to Italy for the Martini La Classica. We would be riding from just outside of Milan to Pessione, near Torino, It would take us two days. There’s something about Italy that still grips me each time I go, maybe it’s the pizza and pasta. This year my […]

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Upcoming races

Currently no races planned



Position Date Race Country
23rd11 Mar 2018Jock Wadley UK
44th29 Apr 2018Klondike GP UK
3rd8 May 2018Goodwood crit series UK
6th13 May 2018Bec RR UK
7th26 May 2018Ashdown Classic RR UK
75th3 Jun 2018Memorial Philippe Van Coningsloo (UCI/1.2) Belgium
44th21 Jul 2018GP Tim Wellens Belgium
47th22 Jul 2018GP Brothers on Bikes Belgium
7th19 Aug 2018SE Regional Champs UK
59th26 Aug 201862nd Ronde van Midden Nederland (1.2)Utrecht Holland
37th28 Aug 2018GARDENBERGS Pro Kermess Belgium


Position Date Race Country
21st16 Apr 2017Bignan France
25th24 Apr 2017Grand Prix Rene Le Mene a Crac'h France
28th4 Jun 2017Bain De Bretagne France
5th11 Jun 2017Tremeven France
17th17 Jun 2017Priziac France
6th18 Jun 2017Scaer France
20th24 Jun 2017Plouay France
18th25 Jun 2017L'Elan Gacilien France
24th28 Jun 2017GP de la Ville Lanester France
19th20 Aug 2017South East Divisional Champs England
6th17 Sep 2017Best Of Italy Race Italy
23 Oct 2019


Position Date Race Country
16th16 Apr 2016Peaule France
21st17 Apr 2016Bignan-Bignan France
32nd23 Jun 2016National u23 TT Champs England
24th18 Jul 2017Tour Des Deux Sevres stage 1 France
13th28 Jun 2017Trophee Aven Moros, St Philibert France


Position Date Race Country
1st23 Oct 2019Surrey League handicap E123 UK
1st23 Oct 2019Surrey League handicap UK
2nd23 Oct 2019Surrey League 2/3 UK
2nd23 Oct 2019Surrey League 2up TT UK
3rd23 Oct 2019Surrey League 2/3 UK
3rd23 Oct 2019Goodwood series TTT UK
4th23 Oct 2019SL 2/3 Tour of Sussex stage 1 UK
5th23 Oct 2019Goodwood series E1234 UK
8th23 Oct 2019Goodwood series E1234 UK
9th23 Oct 2019SL 2/3 Tour of Sussex stage 4 UK
13th23 Oct 2019France Trophee Aven-Moros 1/2/3 France
17th23 Oct 2019France Lorient 1/2/3 France


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